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Sky Grace Proposal


Noteworthy Features
The variety of facilities including: Grand Stand, Offices, Amphitheatre, Casino, Hotel, Villas, Hotel Apartments, Aerobar, Wave Garden, Executive Villas, Stables and Jockey Academy Chapel

Location: Flic-en-Flac, Mauritius
Total sqm: 600Ha
How does this building affect the surrounding space / area?
This project was a great idea for Mauritius with full of potential. Situated in the coastal town of Flic-en-Flac, the main feature is a 2.4km racecourse, with a Grandstand accommodating 1100 seats, private suites and hospitality facilities. In addition, the 600 hectares site includes two blocks of offices, an Amphitheater, a Casino, 20 villas, 3-levels hotel apartments, an Aerobar, a wave garden, 10 executive villas, stables with jockey academy and a chapel. The variety of facilities would have been ideal for both locals and tourists of the island.

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