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Woodland House

Mixed Use

Noteworthy Features
Woodland House combines three old, run-down buildings and presents itself as a thoughtful and exciting rejuvenation. Each building was renovated in a different way with a unique design – but ultimately all three were connected together in a functional and beautiful way – with an emphasis on internal flow and clean spaces.

Location: Woodstock, Cape Town
Date of Completion: 18/07/2017
Total sqm: 5 600 m²
How does this building affect the surrounding space / area?
"In conjunction with Mason's Press, it's older sibling and neighbour, Woodland House serves to bring new life to what used to be a run-down and underutilized area in Woodstock. The building continues the already established pedestrian link that began at Mason's Press and serves as a landing space from which creativity and productivity can be established and grown." – Brian Fincham

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